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  • 小学六年级上册英语作文范文

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    hello初三英语作文,everyone. my name is XXX .i have o happy weekend .

    on saturday morning , i have the breakfast at my grandmothers` by taxi .then i do my homework .in the afternoon , my brother and i ply computer games together at my home .in the evening , we go shopping after eat dinner . that is so exciting !

    on sunday morning , my brother go home with me .i have lunch at resturant after that .in the afternoon , my brother and i have a rest at his home .then we play at children`s palace .in the evening ,i have dinner at my grandmothers` .i take no.71 bus to get home .i take a shower .finally, i go to bed .

    this is my happy weekend !


    Hi, My name is XXX. I have a happy weekend.

    Saturday morning, I take a taxi to the grandma to eat breakfast, and then homework. The afternoon, my brother and I went to my house to play a computer game. Evening, we went to eat dinner, water and soil, extremely happy!

    Sunday morning, I accompanied my brother to go home, and then to a restaurant for lunch. The afternoon, my brother and I at home, then go to the Children's Palace play. That night, my grandma to eat after dinner I'll take the 71 Bus to go home. Then, I wash, and finally to bed.

    This is my happy weeken! 大家好,我叫XXX范文,小学六年级上册英语作文。我拥有一个愉快的双休日。





    A Talkative Parrot

    A lady worked in a company. There were a lot of shops on her way to work. One morning, when she was walking to work, she passed by a new pet shop. She was so excited when she saw aparrot sitting beside the door. She really loved birds.

    When she stopped to look at the handsome bird, it said to her, "Hey, lady, you are really ugly.”

    This made the lady very angry. She quickly left the shop and went to work. On her way home, she passed the same pet shop again. This time the parrot saw her again, it said immediately:

    "Hey lady, you are really ugly!"

    The lady tried to controlherself. She walked to the shopkeeper and told him that if the parrot said it again, she would have the police come and take it away. "I&apos;m so sorry, madam. I promise it won&apos;t happen again," the shopkeeper said.

    The next morning, when the lady walked past the pet shop, she pretended that she didn’t see it. But the parrot saw her at once and said to her quickly, "Hey lady."

    She stopped and looked at the bird coldly. "Yes?" she answered in an angry voice.

    The bird, sitting up straight and smiling at her, said, "You know."

    the 17年高考作文 英语小作文 五年级下册作文 初三英语作文
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