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  • 父亲节中考英语作文中英翻译

    发布日期:2020-09-24  来源:未知


    Fifty years ago this spring we planted kohlrabi together in a garden in Charles City, Iowa.

    I didn’t know then that I would remember that day for the rest of my life. This week, we’ll plant kohlrabi together again, perhaps for the last time but I hope not. I don’t understand why planting kohlrabi with you is so important to me but it is. And the funny thing about it is, well, I don’t know quite how to tell you this, Dad...I don’t even like kohlrabi...but I like planting it with you.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, Dad, is what every son and daughter wants to say to their Dad today. Honoring a Father on Father’s Day is about more than a Dad who brings home a paycheck, shares a dinner table, and attends school functions, graduations, and weddings. It isn’t even so much about kohlrabi, ’54 Chevrolets, and fly-fishing. It’s more about unconditionally loving children who are snotty and stubborn, who know everything and won’t listen to anyone. It’s about respect and sharing and acceptance and tolerance and giving and taking. It’s about loving someone more than words can say,and it’s wishing that it never had to end.

    I love you, Dad.


    当时我也不知道我以后会怀念那一天。这一周,我们还要在一起栽苤蓝菜,这是第二次。也许,这是最后一次,可我并不希望那样。我不明白为什么我和您一起栽苤蓝菜我会感到很有意义,可事实上就有意义。而且,关于这个,有个有意思的事情,可我不知道该怎么和您说这事,爸爸…… 我不喜欢苤蓝菜……但是看图作文图片,我却喜欢和您一起栽苤蓝菜。



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